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Originally Posted by tororosso1 View Post
imo its a good setup.
for the looks of it
And its a good balance between performance vrs looks
plus, OP managed come up with a solution of not losing much low end torque performance...
to me spliting n52 to quads is even more of a fail due to not having torque at all LOL i mean minivan will probably keep up with it on exit power.
Um... what?

Originally Posted by Mattshokri View Post
what kind of exhaust is that?
It isn't. :]

Seriously, all of you guys who do this, why do you do this? Yes, it looks aggressive, but only until one realises it's a hoax (exactly, in fact, like the idiotic unplumbed IS-F exhausts - except I heard they improved them in the latest version?). As someone posted upthread, the 328 with the performance diffuser is a very pretty look, especially when painted to match the body. Fake quads can be even seen from a little bit below the car, why bother? Not that 335 owners are exempt from this criticism - I think even 335 quad mods look rather pathetic. I dunno. I just think the quad exhaust fascination should be confined to cars that actually benefit from it, and for cars that don't, people should focus on other aspects that make the car look good.

A fake Rolex, despite looking "good", is nevertheless fake, and shouldn't ever be defended as anything other than that. Just my, maybe unsolicited, two cents.

[edit] and btw, for what it's worth, really like the look of the car otherwise. I just think this is one mod you shouldn't have done - it's rice, and you're losing respect from anyone who knows anything about cars (which is your ideal appreciating audience). Anyhow - it's not like you can undo it now, but regardless.