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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by Nedim View Post
Inform me about the tuning? cause i just leave it how it is lol
It's hard to pick up in one go. I learned by practicing and reading online tutorials. You can adjust almost any part of a car's behavior so long as you buy the corresponding race-spec parts (race trans, race springs, etc).

The tuning menu allows you change a car's entry, exit and steady state understeer/oversteer habits, so if you have a car that's slow to tuck its nose into a corner and quick to throw the tail out once you're half way through, you can get rid of, or at least quell, most of that behavior. The menus have explanations on how to adjust your roll bars, springs and dampers.

Other examples:
-If a car feels floaty (slow to respond, rotates or slides like it's on a cloud), stiffen the springs and damper rates and lower the car a bit.

-If your gears are too long and you have a peaky engine, buy either the sport or race trans. The sport allows you to adjust the final drive (alters all gears proportionally), and the race allows you to custom tailor a set of gear ratios that can make a car perfect for any course (also defaults the gear numbering to 6 every time you buy it).

-If your car throws its ass out with the slightest bit of throttle (in RWD cars that is), lower the acceleration differential rate by 10% increments until it starts to lay down power smoothly, but don't reduce the rate too much or you'll hamper acceleration.

-Likewise, if your car happens to oversteer too easily when you lift off the throttle, tweak the deceleration differential.

-Most important tuning aspect of any AWD car comes with the 2-Way differential. It allows you to tweak the center diff so that you can decide how much torque is apportioned between the front and rear wheels. I almost always leave it at 30/70 - F/R or 25/75, so that when I apply power the car rotates but in a way that's almost completely neutral.

There's tons of other stuff, you just have to practice. It's complicated at first but then you'll find yourself wasting time tuning everything lol.
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