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Originally Posted by 335okc View Post
i got as far as the last screen where i can see the injector settings.
when i tried to input new values (in this case for injector 4), i get this error message:
error ecu conditions not correct or request sequence error

anybody got idea what's going on with my ecu? i switched to map 0 (procede) and turn off can clear already.
i got this working. i did 2 things (at once, so i don't know which one did it).
1. having the car off, with ignition on
2. i used cn555's select files.

finally coded injector 4 (it was way off), and my rough idle is gone!
no more hiccups.
i know it's not rocket science, but this is awesome.
vasilov and cn555 , i owe both of you a beer.