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Shuttle bus and seatbelts

Whenever I take a shuttle bus from the airport, between my companies branch offices, the first thing I do when I first sit down in the bus is put on my seatbelt. I've noticed I'm often the only passenger who bothers to do so. On one occasion at La Guardia people even took notice, gawked and me and whispered comments behind my back when I asked someone to move so I could access the seat belt harness. A co-worker even joked that I wanted to be "the lone survivor in our horrific car accident".

Am I missing something here? Is there a disadvantage to wearing a seatbelt in a van or passenger shuttle versus in a car that the rest of the world seems to know? I'm the kind of person who puts his seatbelt on if he's taking his car around the block. To me its not just a matter of safety but a matter of discipline, ie training yourself so that it is automatic and not something that needs to be asked "Should I?"