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why do these guys pay $600+ each for bottle service?

I never understood it

Then again, I'm not the type that gets drunks/parties/goes clubbing more than once a year, if that.
I just can't fathom spending money on drinking/clubbing. I mean...why? What's the point? To hook up? If you need to spend that kind of money to maybe get a woman, then just hire an escort for around 500- 1k and call it a night. Guaranteed, no need to "try," and she will do what you say.

Hell, I remember when I was there during memorial day weekend and I heard it was like $50 to get into a club. I said screw that... spent that $50 at roulette and basically got a free vegas trip and then some out of it.

I have lots of friends who go and not one has ever been able to explain to me why... all they say is "it's worth it" with no explanation.

I would rather spend $3k and go to Asia then one night in Vegas.....

badazzm, can you explain it?