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Limpmode has gone away for now

Originally Posted by mid-corner fun View Post
I opened this thread almost 3 years ago, if I had followed the advice given earlier on (I'm slow, what can I say) I would have spent very little money on cooling compared to the time and money I lost fighting limp modes. Now that the 335i is retired from track duty, I'm only hoping I won't be as stubborn with the new car...

One more thing, if I were to do it again, I'd drop all the power mods and focus on balance and weight. For the last year or so I've disabled all power mods and yet my lap times have dropped significantly. Added bonus: no limp modes!

This car can do anything you want it to do at the track, the earlier you prepare for cooling the more on-track time you'll have
I was an early watcher of this thread with my 07 Dinan Stage 3 E92 6MT. I've got the Dinan intercooler and oil cooler and from my start in HPDE in 2011 through earlier this year I've had frequent limp modes both at the track and at autocrosses. Reading this thread, I had the VANOS cleaned, ran distilled water and water wetter, got rid of my DCI, short shifted at the track and, finally, had all the factory software replaced together with a Dinan reflash with the latest version. I installed a Quaife LSD in the belief that traction issues might be implicated since some limpmodes seemed to occur with wheelspin when the back end got light going over hills and on certain autocross maneuvers. All of these remedies over 2 years did not forestall my worst limpmode attack - multiple limpmodes in 7 of 8 sessions at Summit Main earlier this year when track temperatures were quite reasonable (70F ambient). At this point I got very close to chucking the 335i - but after this session we saw a VANOS code. Montclair Motorwerks NJ also noted reports of voltage irregularities, due to the age of the original OEM battery, causing various faults and software problems. So as a last gasp, we replaced both VANOS solenoids and installed a new OEM battery. Voila! I tracked the car at Summit Shenandoah several weeks ago with no performance problems. It was so sweet having the power I expected when I needed it. Unreal. I will be down at Lightning in October, so we'll see if this sticks.

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