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Originally Posted by iflyjetzzz View Post
I've done the oil change. I like the filter placement; makes life easy.
But I'm calling BS on coolant and trans fluid changes. This is AGAIN a Rube Goldberg machine according to the DIY guides.
Do you really find having to pump in new transmission fluid underneath the car with a transfer pump as easy?
Coolant change? Again, not easy. (How many tools are listed just to change the coolant?)

These are fairly simple tasks that can be done with easily on most cars. Not so with BMW.

And don't get me started on lifetime fluids; that's a sure way to kill a car in under 200K miles. But I think that's their plan...
Since you used my coolant change DIY as an example, I'll pipe in. I listed all of the tools needed to execute the job properly. Do you really think the list is that long? The tools I listed are all common tools you get when you buy your first Craftsman starter tool set. The procedure is easy. I've changed coolant on many cars and I found the E90 to be no harder than any other car.

I think the issue you have is that all cars are easier to service when on a lift rather than in the driveway on jackstands. IMO the E90 is no harder nor easier to service when on stands than any other car.

If you ever need to change out the in-tank fuel pump, it is a breeze; pull the rear seat cusion out, remove the access panel, unlock the retaining ring, pull the pump out. Most cars you have to drain and drop the tank.