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Originally Posted by obert View Post
I came home and backed into the garage and saw a drip of oil looked under the car and saw a leak here.

There was what looked like trans fluid leaking right arounf the control are bushing and dripping. It left a nice size puddle on the ground and it stopped when I turned the car off. I could not see much due to the plastic covers. So I took them off and there was no fluid leaking from any were. I cleaned everything up and started it and drove the car and came back and no leak at all. I let it idle and put it in gear in reverse and no leak or nothing.

It was not wet on the top of the control arm just the middle and bottom part had fluid. So I am wondering are the control arm bushings filled with fluid ? I know the ball joint has grease in it but what about the bigger part in the picture ?

I am at a lost of were the fluid came from, there are no lines leaking and if there was it should be wet on the top part of the control arm and then drip down but it was dry on top and wet in the middle and and ripping from the bottom.

I am going to drive it to work tomorrow and see if its leaking again and look around for a leak again but I did not see and lines leaking or anything that was wet from fluid but right in that one spot around the control arm bushing.

Any help on this would be great, I thought I would get under there and see something leaking due to the amount of fluid I saw when I parked the car but there was nothing.
Does your car make a knock/thunk sound on turns or hard braking? Mine did and I had the same thing from driving hard and my dealer told me that my control arms were worn. The is apparently some hydraulic fluid in there. It leaks when worn and looks like that. I thought I was leaking oil so I took to dealer. They replaced and fixed it. If you do replace it you may consider getting the M3 upgrade...I didnt know about it at the time.