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It's all a big joke with both parties the fact is we are no better than we were with bush. The biggest things these days is people continue to lose jobs right now. As people that cannot find jobs to properly support what they currently have or even find a job that pays more than unemployment depending on the situation. The biggest problem I have with Obama is that ultimately he put back to work almost all union city workers, rather than actually creating jobs. Most people that haven't been able to find a job has just given up which ultimately drops the unemployment rate but doesn't actually create jobs.

I am not a fan of obamas health care, you can't force people to get health insurance when they can barely feed their families. Then if they don't take health insurance they will tax/fine you. Basically damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I made a good Living and recently lost my job. Lucky I was smart and put away lots of cash but still the job market is very slim and what jobs are available aren't paying what they use to which makes it difficult to stay afloat.