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Originally Posted by 9352e90 View Post
Im currently in college in a Political Science class, and as an assignment have to do a political survey of a sub group of individuals. So, without turing this into a political argument, just vote for who you plan on voting for on the 6th.
WRONG Forum !!!! This is WorldWide forum and others dont give a shit !!!
Admins please close this thread or move this to non BMW talk.
Ppl who call others Liberals and Conservatives always forget that they are Americans first !!!
Talking about jobs, debt and taxes based on what Media tells you is the problem we are in this mess. After reading 3 pages I figured out most of ppl here don't know whom to actually vote for.
Enough of political news on TV and Radio....Please stop this discussion here !!!
Don't spit the rhetoric here, ppl will loose each others respect.