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Originally Posted by driverman View Post
Most economists believe that you have to TEMPORARILY increase spending to TEMPORARILY boost the economy until things improve. That's exactly what Obama has done. And things are improving, albeit slowly.
And if you watch Romney talking about his budget closely (which I think is a bunch of bull, but assuming that he has something more than numbers scribbled on the back of a napkin), he overtly acknowledges that he will end up making the hole bigger with his 2 trillion defense spending and other outflows. He also explicitly says that his plan will neutralize the spending and create a surplus over 8 years. He's used '8 years' more than once, someone should have fact-checked him that the job he's applying for has a tenure of 4 years.

Unfortunately the average listener doesn't pay attention to the full sentence but gets caught up in the rhetoric of the first part of his statements...

If he's elected, he will end up making the hole bigger with his radical proposals to rework everything and effectively neutralize the progress made in the last 3.5 years. Whether or not his policies will lead to deficit reduction and improved hiring is a huge unknown since not much is known about his economic policies. Exactly what we don't need at this stage of the game when employment is picking up strongly, the stock market is doing well and the housing and auto markets are doing extremely well.. Remember, all his changes will have to go through gridlocked Washington and any policy change will take months if not years to legislate.. Add to that, he's hell-bent on going after the Affordable Care Act for no real reason except that he is hell-bent on repealing it. So he'll be stretched thin trying to get a bunch of non-critical things passed in addition to the critical ones, which is going to slow down legislation. All indications are we'll get forced with another painful slowdown before anything starts to pick up again which again is a huge unknown.