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Originally Posted by driverman View Post
Over 100 posts and it has remained civil until now. And leave it to a conservative to start the name calling and oversimplify the arguments into black and white.

So people concerned about global warming have to do everything they can to stop global warming, including buying cars that get 4 more mpg? I'm getting 26 mpg in my 328i; my wife gets 30 in her Honda Civic. I suppose that if I light up my gas grill to grill a few burgers, that means I don't care about global warming. How about heating my house? Are liberals supposed to freeze all winter because they don't want to burn hydrocarbons? Ridiculous! The answers, as usual, are in the gray zone.

Us liberals can be concerned about global warming and buy BMW's just like conservatives can be concerned about big government and want more money for defense.
You're funny, let me simplify it for you even more. If you BMW gets 26 mpg and your wife gets 30 mpg, your combined mpg for the family is 28 mpg not 4 mpg as you'd stated. I'll give you a nice big hug since you think that i'm starting calling you name even though it is an observation. LOL, you guys make me laugh so hard, thx for the entertainment