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Couldn't sit here on my day off reading the entire thing but some definite points and funny parts in there. Does he get paid by Jalopnik? If so that explains the lengthy article.....

Man I remember one time my ex picked me up on my lunch break for surprise sex. We went in her car because it was a hell of a lot roomier then my little 1er. We are going at it when all of a sudden we here a car pull up, stop and than nonstop **beep**beep**beep**beep**beep** interrupting my monstrous orgasmic pelvic thrusts. So me being on top I peeked my head up and turned to look at an old woman in a car 10-15' away peering over not knowing what's going on until I jump up to get in the drivers seat and drive off somewhere more secluded. Not thinking, mandingo is flopping everywhere and her jaw dropped right as I sped off naked. I don't know if the old lady made it