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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
March might still be to cold. Late April early May when track temps heat up a bit and while atmospheric temps are still cool w/low humidty might yield better results esp if you plan to use performance tires - the rubber gets hard in the cold and will prove to be more difficult to get traction. There are usually several track events throughout the year.

I took the d to MIR last year, went light - 1/8 tank of fuel, rear seat removed and all I did was spin out in the box. For the life of me I could not get traction on my street tires - granted my tires are Conti DWS - PSS or PS2's would be better, but I would still expect lots of wheel spin.

Sadly my best time came when I had traction control on, and no brake boosting, in other words just mashed the peddle and ran a 13.7. I ran the car at least 5 times, even tried lowering RPM's to 1700 and feathering the throttle out of the box, but as soon as I mashed the peddle once I got moving,,, tire SPIN - it was futile. The track surface at the start and through the first 10/15 yds or so is slick and more condusive to sticky DR's.

My car is a totally different animal on the street w/street tires - best run from a dig was against an S63 AMG no traction nannies and brake boost to about 2100 RPM the d was ahead 1 and 1/4 cars up until we shut it down at 100 mph - the d spun a bit but shot out like a bat.

While it was fun it was also frustrating at the same time. If I go back it will only be with drag radials or a min an ultra high performance summer tire.
I have never had wheel spin out of the hole (except when wet). In DTC it felt a little squirrely but no real wheel spin. Haven't tried that with DSC off completely. Of course I have no tune either. You're certainly correct that the drag strip would likely be slick there. I even felt that at Jefferson Circuit at the HPDE.
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