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Originally Posted by cc_bavarian View Post
Question: If an officer pulls you over for speeding, can you ask to see his radar for the clocked speed for proof? Back in Toronto, you have the right to request the officer to show his radar.

I ask this because I saw an officer on his bike behind bushes on the on-ramp on N. Lantau Hwy. He did not hold a radar but was fishing for speeders peeking through the bushes.
Good question, I'll ask my lawyer friend about that.

Anyway, it's off that the police would fish for speedsters if they don't have a radar, they won't have any evidence to back up otherwise, or are they there for visual deterrence, but if so, why would they be hiding in bushes? Hmmm...

In the mean time, I go to Tung Chung and the airport alot, which part of the on-ramp are you referring to? The one to disney (Heading to Tung Ching direction) or the one heading to Tsuen Wan?

Or are you referring to the Tung Chung/Airport section?

I've driven a on certain sections of the highway, but thankfully haven't been caught in that part for speeding since I only drive fast in brief and short bursts, and I know when and where to drive a little fast and when to drive slow. That is of course crucial information if you want to avoid a speeding ticket (i did get caught for talking on a cellphone once , but at least they don't deduct points for that ).

My advice: Generally, not a good idea to speed on the N. lantau highway during the morning weekday commuting hours, the police are often there to bust you.