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Originally Posted by Cavscorner View Post

Well it was the freeway so a few things came into play, 1) he had some work done to his car, 2) he came up from behind speeding around me so I had to hit the gas a bit but was coming from behind, started to catch up and then 3)traffic was a blower on Sunday night so i got stuck in that "do I cut off these people like a jerk, or do I hit the brakes and wait it out". I opted to be kind but fall behind.

Anyways, it was fun and we both had a good time so either way. Would have been fun to race from a stop, but didn't get the opportunity. Told the guy to get on the forums but no luck so far!
Did you walk up to his car while in traffic to tell him that? lol I've never talked to anyone in another car from my car. I'm too cool I guess.