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In terms of equipment to use, there are lots of options depending on your goals and budget.

Assuming path of least resistance...

JL 600/6 or similar multi channel amp (if using a separate sub, you may want a dedicated amp for that)
- you'll defo want an amp if you're swapping speakers... if you have hifi, try upgrading just the amp before deciding if you still want to upgrade the speakers too... a little bit of power goes a long way with stock speakers (except for base, those just suck)
- if you have base audio, you'll want to recode your head unit to hifi.... but if not adding amp, don't code it
- of course aftermarket deck would mean no need for coding, and also additional features you may not have now (I upgraded to pioneer double din)

Drop in speaker kit for full front stage (mids, tweeters, under seat 8" woofers)
- even if you have base audio with 6" woofers, the 8" ones will fit
- MB Quart was prob the best value drop in kit, but harder to find now (discontinued perhaps)

Get the right harness from technic, easy DIY, reversible installation

If also adding a dedicated sub, infinite baffle (IB) and corner load enclosures seem to be most popular. Highly recommend IB for efficiency and sound quality with very little roll off as the sub plays very low bass

Good luck!