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Originally Posted by toshiw View Post
The front axles were replaced twice by the previous and I haven't checked them again. I know there's a post by rothwem that was resolved by replacing the axles, with is where I think the previous owner got the idea.

I'm curious as to whether rothwem symptoms went away when the transfer case was unplugged.

The symptoms completely disappear when the transfer case is unplugged.

The tires were replaced with stock spec tires and were balanced at the time of install. Alignment is a good thought but there is no uneven wear on the tires and they've been on for several thousand miles. I've swapped wheels with my 330xi and there's no symptomatic relief.

There is one thing my mechanic has been asking me about. There is a service menu in his scanner under th Service Menu that deals with the x-drive clutch wear indicator. Apparently this is a setting that allows for manual entry of a number. Does anyone have any clue what this is?

This weekend I'm planning to take the car to a tuner to have all the modules flashed to stock. He's also going to install xDelete and play with the AWD distribution.

Will update soon. Thanks for all your help.
I think you're misunderstanding what happened in that thread.

I had shuddering like you're describing, and I was able to fix it by replacing the transfer case fluid. Since you've replaced your transfer case, I don't think that's the issue.

There was a different thread with Efthreeoh where his drive-line vibration was fixed by replacing the driveshaft. I think he also replaced the rear CVs, but that didn't fix the problem. I posted in that thread because I used to work in an axle plant, but I never did any axle replacements on my car.

Since your problem goes away when the transfer case actuator is unplugged, it obviously has something to do with the transfer case. Its likely not drive-line related, since that stuff is all spinning all the time, it just receives power when the TC module tells it to.

It sounds like you're on the right track with the TC programming, it is possible that its either bad, or someone messed with it. That's really all I can think of as far as troubleshooting goes.