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Originally Posted by apme123 View Post
Ignition coils, injectors, could be anything, your valves probably need cleaning by now? Do a proper diagnostic and see what it is
Yea I probably should look into getting the valves cleaned...

Originally Posted by Jeff@TopGearSolutions View Post
I'd highly recommend an intake valve cleaning at this mileage.

You can check your spark plugs for fouling and that could indicate you have a leaky injector.

Take 1 step at a time. I dont want to recommend too much just yet until you get all the obvious things checked like intake valve cleaning and checking the spark plugs condition.

That droning sound while trying to floor it could be the car pulling lots of timing, or something else.
You should get logs, but I really dont recommend beating on the car too much until you sort everything out.

Remember cars are pretty basic machines, for your engine you just need air fuel and spark. So start with one.

Air being your intake valves. Spark being your spark plugs, tune and coils, and fuel would be your injectors pumps and tune.

In your tune I would reset all adaptations and re upload to the latest finalized firmware and maps.

As far as squeaking it could be the belt rubbing. I recall a few people finding out that their belt was rubbing on or near the sub frame. Check the condition of the belt and ribs. Take a picture if you dont know what your looking for. The picture needs to be both the underside and top side of belt. You can google some images of belts to see if its worn out or wearing incorrectly.
First and foremost thank you for the detailed post and the help! I definitely think I need an intake valve cleaning at this mileage. I'm going to start looking into that and while its at that shop i'll probably have them diagnose these problems to see what needs to be replaced. Tomorrow i'll try to grab a log doing a sixth gear pull and post it up here and i'll also try to grab some pics of the belt when I remove the bumper later either this week or next. Thanks again!
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