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1. As stated above, if you've eliminated the possibility of plugs, it's likely your misfires are likely being caused by dirty valves or a leaky injector. Major consensus is that valve cleaning should be done by 40k miles, although mine were dirty enough by 37k to be causing persistent misfires.
2. tune is reverting to stock map (a safe mode essentially not boosting over 5-7psi): likely a fuel trim issue / incorrect settings dialed in on tune. keep in mind the car reacts differently in colder weather.
3. If you had tried using the feature, you'd see that your 2D2E code is a plausibility code that can pop up from time to time when adjustments are made lagfix in the JB4. the 29E1 is common with E85 mixtures when the fuel system/DME isn't happy.
4. I know exactly what "droning" noise you're referring to. I have the same thing in my car sometimes at light throttle going uphill, etc. My only conclusion at this point is it's normal operation (I was under the impression it was a cam lifter) as I was able to replicate it in 2 other 335's. Unsure about this one, though I had my shop foreman check it out and he reported no issues.
5. the noise could a belt/pulley squeeking as it comes to a stop, but the video/information is too vague to be certain. You would need to pull things apart to know more conclusively. There are tons of threads on here about why the NST and other lightweight crank pulleys are terrible for these cars due to a lack of harmonic dampening.
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