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iPhone 4/4S Video Recording Kit for the Track

I'm going to the track soon and I wanted a way to record my horrible driving skills at the track without spending $300 for a GoPro 2 or Drift HD.

iPhone 4 = 720p maximum recording
iPhone 4S = 1080p maximum recording

Here's the essentials:
  1. $18.99 Harry's Lap Timer Pro app
  2. $64.99 Olloclip 3-in-1 lens for the iPhone 4/4S
  3. $39.99 Xtand Go mount
  4. $16.00 iGrip Backseat headrest mount
So the total for this kit would be ~$140. Let me tell you about each piece:

1. The Lap Timer Pro app is necessary because it will let you record your laps without touching the phone. When you're on the track, you don't want to be messing with your phone! It uses POIs such as the start of the track to trigger it's recording function. It will also take your lap time, top speed, turn speed, etc. You can then overlay this information on top of your video afterwards

2. The Olloclip lens is optional if you are satisfied with the stock viewing angle of the iPhone. There is also a cheaper lens kit from Photojojo. It uses a circular sticky tape and magnet to hold the lens. I was skeptical of this for the track.

3. The Xtand Go mount is expensive but its designed very well. It's not bulky and able to use it with the Olloclip lens. If you are set on just taping the road, you can use this and skip the iGrip. I tried mounting this on the sunroof glass but the angle is a bit high. You can also buy another cheaper mount but make sure it can mount a bare iPhone 4/4S.

4. The iGrip mount is very cheap and clamps on one of the headrest rods of either the driver or passenger seat. If you have racing seats, this will obviously not work. If you are set on taping just the inside, you can skip purchasing the Xtand Go.

Here's a clip with 4 different views using wide angle and fish eye lens and the two mounts.

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