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Originally Posted by Lagger1 View Post
Point is moot. Gent had an Xi before he started & and Xi after...may I add a damn good looking Xi at that. Props kamek

Too bad the tune is "minute". I really need to roll in a tuned N52 to make an informed decision and jump from over a PBX.

Do they alter the valvetronic in stage 2?
I dont think it's moot. Power to weight. 15hp is 15hp yes, but you will "feel" more gains in a lighter vehicle.

Yes the valvetronic is adjusted through the DME.

Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
So is the tune more effective on a n52?
I'm planning on doing this soon with SVC concepts, but I've been wanting to get a few other mods out of the way first.
The most beneficial vehicle is obviously going to be the 325i. It can be brought up to 330i specs and higher. (Tune + Manifold)
The next would be the 328i because again bringing it up to 330i levels and beyond.
The lowest is the 330i. It already is the peak model of the n52 and although the tune should be a nice addition, I don't see it being a kick in the pants like my 325i was. I'd still buy it if I owned a 330i just for the throttle remap and support alone.

I would for sure get all the mods you want done out of the way first. Tune last. If SVC does the dyno tuning you'll get an even better tune than I got