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Let's be real here. These tunes, no matter which one, are not going to make a world of difference on a dyno. I think I speak for the majority of people who just get them to fix the throttle delay problem. Coming from a modified turbo car, I knew not to expect a huge jump in power like I did from a turbo-back 3" exhaust, increased boost, etc. Very generally speaking you're adding 10hp with every 1psi increase of boost on a turbo car. My Celica All-Trac ran 8 psi stock (200hp) and I had it increased to 14-16 psi. Just doesn't work that way on a N/A engine. If a tune does add a little power, however noticeable it is, that's just icing on the top. All I know is my car (PBX) drives 10 times better than it did before which is exactly what I wanted.
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