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Originally Posted by uno
If not, can I take off the steering wheel and center it myself?
Don't attempt to do this yourself. It would involve messing with the airbag which is NOT a good thing for an amateur to do!. Its probably also the wrong repair.

Originally Posted by uno
I have put 1800 miles now and it is within 2000-mile free alignment.
If the dealer fixed it, but later I found the problem was still there and
it was over 2000 miles, will the dealer fix it again for free?
If it was OK when you drove away from the free re-alignment(and I guess for a short while afterwards), then I'd have to say that the dealer has no responsibility to do this if it re-occurs, as it is lkely to be due to rough treatment such as potholes, too fast over traffic calming measures, or kerbing the wheels.

If it is not centered immediately after a "re-alignment" then the dealer has been sloppy and not clamped the wheel perfectly straight before adusting the alignment.