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The chrome around the scroll wheel on my CIC iDrive Controller has started to peel, and I found there was quite a bit of dirt building up underneath the buttons as well. I wanted to give it a good clean and refurb, but after scouring these forums, I couldn't find a DIY guide - so if there already is one, my apologies in advance because I really did look!

Anyway, I decided to just disassemble it myself and put together this quick DIY.

Note: This guide assumes that you've already removed the controller from the console - there are plenty of guides/videos that show you how to do this.

Tools Required:
- Torx T8 Screwdriver

1: Remove the bracket from the controller.


2: Use the torx screwdriver to remove the 4 screws from the back of the controller.


3: Flip the controller back over and unclip the chrome frame around the scroll wheel on both sides. There are two on each side - once unclipped, it should just come off over the scroll wheel.


4: On the end of the controller where clips are visible, unclip these and slowly pull the assembly apart - be very careful not to dislodge anything from the circuit board in the process.



5: Done! Clean around the buttons as much as you like without the worry of damaging the circuit board. What I'm going to do is strip the chrome off that bit of plastic and spray paint; just to bring it back to life - certainly beats forking out $150+ for another controller.