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Originally Posted by alberlinoti View Post
So I just change the oil on my BMW my self and it took me longer then i expected. after some research and reading the post out here i think i might have done a few things differently or missing a few steps.
since this is my first oil change ever I am really concern about this and even consider going to the dealer and have them do it tomorrow.

first question, I use the Mobil 1 5W-30, I wonder if they are any good or is it even OK to use this type of synthetic oil?

second question, My service light was on and i thought it was due to the fact that I was suppose to change my oil. after changing my oil and drove it for 15 miles, every time i start up the car, the service sign comes on. I was wondering if i was suppose to reset the odometer or something?

Third question, I dropped the old washer for the draining plug inside the draining pan, so i just used an old washer from someone else drain plug that they do not use anymore. It fits perfectly but I'm still worried if i should replace it. I was wondering if that will effect my draining plug, engine, etc.... ?

last questions, I was in the hurry while changing the oil filters, so I didn't even pay attention to the two rubber O-rings (small and large) and one copper crush washer. so I didn't even change the O-rings, and use a washer that i found laying around for the drain plug, should I worry about the O rings? Should I replace the filter again or should i just leave it alone?

any suggestion and tip will be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks
pretty sure you used the wrong viscosity
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