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DIY oil

Originally Posted by pierre_wei View Post
Some more Pictures~~
The gasket gets "stuck" to the oil pan. I almost missed mine. A gentle pry with a screwdriver removed it. It won't matter for the 1000 mile change, but definitely remove it next time.
As far as the quantity of oil, my E90 used 6 Qrtz and the electronic dipstick is 1/2 way. Make sure it isn't too high. 7 would be too much. Also, you can't check the oil unless the car is moving. This is somewhat irritating as it's nice to know what the level is prior to driving.
My understanding is BMW uses Castrol synthetic. I read somewhere here that the walmart brand(of castrol) is NOT the same. Great.
I jacked my car up on all 4's. I placed wood over the jack stands to rest the vehicle on. Also measure how much oil you ger out. This helps with replacement.