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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post

You have time to drop by my place tomorrow? I am thinking swapping my front pads. Need a little coaching, and borrow your G-clamp.

I'm out tomorrow for most of the day, but I can give you a hand on Sunday.

Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
You are correct Joel! I have the video Vbox Lite. 2 camera, gps, video recording. Unfortunately the OBD port is not supported for e92 M3 so you require a micro input module which I do not have at the moment but am going to add.
My memory card was a dud and I was not able to get any good data from my runs and the video is a mess. I did use my iphone/harry's laptimer so do have some video and data but not nearly as effective or accurate.

Shizzle I believe also uses the AIM Solo but has it mated to a Smarty Cam for the video.
I like some of VBox units. Pricey. I was looking at the VBox Pro, AIM and Traqmate units. I'll likely go with one of the AIM MXL units in the end. Harry's Laptimer unfortunately has outlived it's usefulness.
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