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Transfer Case Fluid - 328xi early 2007

1) Obtain special fluid from BMW - it's about $50-60 per liter, but you only need about 0.5-0.6L. While you are there, get a new "drain" plug. I reused the "fill" plug b/c I only had one spare.
2) Cut 25-30mm off a 14mm allen key. Clearance is tight, so the short piece makes it doable.
3) Jack up car, with the rear slightly higher than the from (drains fluid better)
4) Identify "drain" and "fill" ports - loosen the "fill" plug FIRST to make sure you can get the 14mm in there. It's a tight fit, but with enough fiddling, can be done. I used the open end of the wrench - experiment a bit.
5) I partially unscrew the "drain" plug to control the flow of oil a bit. Makes less of a mess. See images.
6) Used a cheapo pump to refill the transfer case

- I have done this on an early-2007 and a late-2007 (pre-TPMS sensor and post-TPMS sensor). The late-2007 car went into a form of limp-mode (4x4-light, I think) after I did this procedure until I reset one of the transfer case sensors with the BT tool. The early-2007 car did not complain - possibly fewer sensors? Not certain.
- Do this earlier than I did - as you can see the oil was heavily discolored and cloudy. About 85kmiles. Did the other car at ~65k, and the oil looked better (whatever that is worth)

Good luck!
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