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yea, my dealership was blaming my aftermarket DCI for a "no boost" issue I had for over a week. I was literally driving the car around for a week without boost! took her in and they said "oh, the computer is putting at your intakes so if u return it bak to stock it should be fine." i did that and they come back and say "you had an aftermarket exhaust, we'll that's the problem now, so if that's the case, we may hav to charge you for the service we perform because you filed lemon law claim on this vehicle and bmwna may not want to buy your e92 back"

a week later, the problem was solved siting "vacuum hose for turbo wastegate accumulator coming apart confirmed complaint. short test performed. dme had fault #30FF turbocharger, charge-air pressure too low-charge-air pressure too low. freq 14 times....."found that the vacuum hose to the wastegate accumulator was leaking."

everything they said to me about my intake and then my exhaust being the root of all my problems was total bs and i'm glad my attorney came thru for me after all was said and done.
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