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Originally Posted by ferrari355fi View Post
OP, listen to everything said in this thread. It is all true. Even what jay said. To add on to it, you will never be friends with this girl. They all say that and sometimes you believe it, but it won't happen. Best thing to do is forget she even exists. Completely erase her from your life (cell number, facebook, etc etc). If she tries to contact you, just delete the text or don't pick up the phone. You will get over her faster, and you will be a much happier person.

You don't like to go out and fuck random girls or hangout at bars, that is fine. Just don't wallow in your own shit thinking about this girl. At least do something to keep you busy. Find a new hobby or take up a sport. When you are ready, you will meet someone. Simple as that. But don't be a little bitch and turn down a blowjob if the opportunity arises.
gotta say i disagree. You can break up and still be friends (with benefits). I still fuck my ex from time to time. Just don't be a bitch and treat her to dinner and shit while she goes home and bangs another dude

Edit: forgot an important fact. Don't talk to her until you're completely over her. No feelings at all. Then smash