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Originally Posted by BMW86
My oil filter housing has been leaking as well. I've installed Advan oil cooler with stock thermostat delete and there was oil leaking between the new backing plate and the oil filter housing itself. Wasn't too bad until one day the backing plate gave way because one of the bolts that secures it to the housing was stripped inside. Pulled over immediately and topped up with oil until I was able to seal it off securely. Also checked my coolant and found a lot of oil in there as well. Seems like the seal has 'eroded' between the block and the housing and the new backing plate and the housing. Going to replace the entire housing so the bolt screws in and I've got fresh seals as well. Labour will be expensive though.
Your situation appears to be a little worse than mine and I'm sorry to hear about it. I'm assuming your housing has been damaged including the seal/gasket inside. Beware, the common problem is the gasket erroding and not the actual housing failure. Maybe you'll get lucky and find out that it's only the gasket. The gasket/seal must've eroded so much that it mixed in to your coolant. I saw the oem replacement seal and it's thin as fcuk. Basically like a plastic rubber band you would flick towards your classmates back in your early school days. it's actually very thin. Seeing how thin the new seal was, it's really not surprising for the old one to erode with time and the heat. Because of this, the seal only lasts up to 75 to 80k kms with good care. if I was in your situation, and had to replace the housing too, I would've had to couged up another $500-600. If the dealer had to fix it instead of a specialist, I would've paid another $1000 incl labor. Hope it gets fixed soon and make sure you flush the coolant after housing and gasket gets replaced. And this is a must make sure you get the pressure released(from the coolant) after the new coolant additives are added, get them to do a pressure test for the coolant(they use a special tool for this) and run the heater and fan on high for about 20 minutes while driving it home after you picking her up (for healthy circulation).