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Here's a DIY on re-using the cigarette lighter power after do the sunglasses tray mod. Refer to my post on the previous page for details about getting the power plug under the trim on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel.

I used a 2-Outlet Car Power Y-Adapter from Radio Shack and took one side of the Y to get a floating socket as follows...

First and second photos show the plug dismantled.

Then I cut the wires that fed one of the Y-sockets and pulled it out, stripped the ends and tinned them slightly with a soldering iron to provide some stiffness to the exposed wires. This is shown in the third photo.
P.S. You need to push the wires far enough in (hence stiffening them with some solder) that they contact the tops of the pins inside the top of the plug and then hold in place with tape. Or, if you own your car you could the plug and splice the wires.
I pushed the exposed ends of the socket wires into the back of the plug that I had pulled through under the trim on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel. This is shown in the fourth photo. For the socket wires, the wire with the white writing on it is positive (goes to the tip of the cigarette lighter socket) and is pushed into the center (yellow/green wire) of the plug. The other is the ground and is pushed into the outside of the plug (thick brown wire) as shown in the fourth photo. Then I wrapped electrician's tape around the wires to hold them in place (not shown).

Finally I pushed the plug back up under the trim leaving the socket dangling as shown in the fifth photo.

Then I had an idea to have the socket wire come out of the top of the gap between the trim and used a strip of double-sided velcro tape to hold it to the trim as shown in the sixth photo. To do this you need to separate the trim quite a bit to get the wire up to the top of it where this is a notch into the which the wire sits nicely. Now I can plug my cell phone adapter or whatever into the socket (which unfortunately is only powered when the ignition is on)
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