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Originally Posted by antrot View Post
08 335i sedan
Really new at this sort of stuff but just a few questions and issues ive been wondering about. Sorry if they sound dumb or obvious but just want to get some opinions.

Couple weeks ago got locked inside of my car because door lock fuse blew fixed immediately and was suggested I should bring it back in for a full electrical check/scan? Is this usually caused by larger electrical problems? Is it worth bringing in?

If the headlight light bulbs/fog/rear lights blow is it covered under the 4 year warranty or maintenance or is it considered wear and tear?

Is there a way for BMW to scan your car to see if the HPFP is working accordingly or if it needs to be replaced?

Also what should the tire pressure be for run flat 225/45/17 spider style spoke rims both front and rear? Ive checked the inside of the door but just want to make sure?

Thanks in advance for your comments
Bulbs and lighting units: The electric problems are tractable by the car electronics and can be monitored. I am not absolutely sure, but I my guess is that the bulbs by definition cannot be subject to wear and tear within the first four years.

HPFP: Is covered, and its output pressure is likely monitored and is automatically checked when the stacked system condition codes are read.

Tire pressure: Is on the door and in the manual. In your 225/45/17 style 158 or 159 it is recommended to use 32/36 psi (front/rear) for speeds legal in North America, but many people use different settings for different reasons - I am sure you will learn about tire pressures by reading about the car. The recommended 32/36 psi pressures are a good and safe way to start. These pressures are for cold tires, which means to measure the pressures in the morning, before the car is driven any significant distance. Bear in mind that the tire pressure depends on ambient temperature, so you should add air when the temperature drops. Also, after each pressure adjustment, re-initialize the flat tire warning system.