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Originally Posted by parksjm7 View Post
I've had my heart set on a 2011 with the 5.0 for a good three years and I test drove the 2013 model in April. Then I bought the 335 and never looked back.

everything about the stang was unrefined and I felt like I was driving a truck.

The dealbreaker was the interior. Oh the interior...

bottom line, to me the 335i package as a whole and how it makes me feel is more important than any single trait the mustang may have. And with the tune, I can't ask for any more performance in my daily driver.

What was the slogan? Ford. Drive one? didn't work for me.
had mine for 2 years, and concur with this entire statement. But man was it a head turner...(not that there aren't other cars, 335 or otherwise that can't also be head turners)

The power was intoxicating... granted I've never driven a modded 335 and theres no reason to suggest that there cannot be MORE than enough power in a 335 (even in stock form) to be just as intoxicating in an equally awesome but different way.

Feeling a little nostalgic now (only been gone for 2 weeks lol) so here are a few more pics of "Rogue" if anyone cares to see it:

And this was considered an agressive drop... sportline springs... worst riding 'lowered' car I've ever had. And I've had some pretty slammed cars in my past... had these and got rid of both at the same time I bought the Mustang...

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