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Originally Posted by MERLIN335i View Post
Congrats on the car.

Always wondered how this works, do they transfer the money, then you hand the keys over, or the other way around ??

How long did the money transfer take ??

Best wishes.

Woooah there.....hold on just one minute! Theres no money in my account yet As with most of these companies, it takes 4 working days to transfer the funds so am expecting the cash on to show Thursday PM.

I'm not even (maybe naively?) in the slightest bit concerned as I doubt none of the big companies are likely to run off with my car!

Lets hope I'm not sat here in 2 days with no money, no car chance of getting the SLS

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Just a little market feedback from these companies, tried out the figures based on the Zed, as follows -:

wewantanycar - 15,576
webuyanycar - 16,025
wewillbuyyourcar - 16,947

Obviously, the higher figures are liable to be knocked back by the slightest of scratches/dings/etc, but there's a long way to go before getting to the next lowest figure. The highest figure actually isn't that bad considering the trade-in figures given from dealers (usually about 16,500) but still a bit low for my liking.

Just thought I'd share.
Originally Posted by misterS3 View Post
Thanks Roger, appreciate that.

Had a go with the X5 on WWAC and there were worse than WBAC, so will try WWBYC
Originally Posted by misterS3 View Post
Actually the figure i got was 5k more than the rest. And i haven't told them about tracker, HUD, Panoroof, Individual Audio, heated rears, etc. So don't think it will drop much from the figure i got (hopefully!). Will test out when my dad goes back to London and i get the car back! Ta again!
Just remember that the price you see online, particularly for the unusual/expensive stuff is subject to the typical T&C's of these companies, the key part being that they may adjust the value as a result of 'market conditions'. They've obviously had some stick for this as they now commit to calling you before the appointment to confirm if they're going to change the price to save a wasted journey.

This happened to me, but I expected it....the online quote was between 69-72k (depending on company) and I knew I had bob hope of getting that given Jag dealers have them advertised for this sort of money (or less). I did the quote initially with WBAC and got the expected call, giving me a quote of 63k. I expected a reduction but this was a bit much so I then did a quote with WWAC and immediately called them to complain about WBAC practices (knowing full well what they were!) and ask how accurate their online quotes were....I wanted to see if they would try to win me over by claiming the moral high ground! And after first checking with their underwriters, they did by offering me a price much closer to their initial offer and one that I thought reasonable!

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
God, I so want your car, sounds the dogs-danglies, but I've got another new bathroom waiting to be fitted next month to add to my collection .

Rather depressing when you work out the 'trade-in' value of my car is similar to the monthly depreciation suffered by the SLS since new - TWAT .
But surely's just an old-mans Merc

You and your bathrooms I find nothing wrong with having my car and a quality David Wilson homes bathroom!

Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Andrew: One word. Lunatic.

Why thank you

Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
I probably would. I mean, most of my modifications would in all likelyhood not be covered by my insurance anyway. But then, that's me! In your case I probably wouldn't either. Or ask Tone to organise an insurance. He can organise anything.

That would be cool. And you could do a few passenger laps with me on the 'Ring, and do a bit of Autobahn driving with your SLS. Or maybe let Uli drive a lap? He's never crashed a car!

I also have to baptise our second BMW in the family on the 'Ring, might do that at the same time. You could coach Sarah in that case!

Well you're matter how good one can drive, taking a 120k car uninsured on a track would be just crazy. One mistake, possibly even by someone else, and's gone Nope, not for me (not anymore anyway!) and even Tony can't get 'ring insurance on this! I don't even think I'd let Uli drive it...the same theory applies, no matter how good he is!

I'll let you know when we're going to pop'll give me chance to show you up on your own autobahns I'll also happily coach Sarah.....on how to bring her new car ownership to a swift end Tempted huh?
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