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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
As long as it's dry I'm not scared of you driving. In the wet I would only let you drive anything in the parking lot!

You.....will let me drive YOUR car round the 'ring?? are barking mad! But a very kind offer which would be rude to refuse See you soon

Originally Posted by MERLIN335i View Post

Thanks for the reply, you are a braver man than me !

The reason I asked was that since the recent changes to Banking Laws, I assumed the process would go as follows.

I thought the whole idea of the new laws was to stop the banks holding onto customer's money, earning themselves interest for a few days, before finally transferring to the destination account.

Hope it all happens on time !

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Using a BACS payment will take 3 days, this is the cheapest method as it will only cost them a few pence, that's why they choose it and the person sending the money retains it in their account until the maturity day therefore they also earn interest.
Originally Posted by misterS3 View Post
Yeh a proper BACS Transfer will take 3 days. Due to the process. Don't ask me what it is!! But when i paid our wages manually via internet banking it would be minutes before it hit staff's bank accounts. Now i use a company to pay the wages and had to set them up as a BACS authority we have to prepare our wages 3 days earlier :s

The reason for the 4-day delay is not just due to BACS (although I presume they choose the cheapest (and therefore slowest method). Although the car was visually perfect, their policy is to have their workshop do a more thorough check. It's not to reduce the price further by finding fault from wear and tear items (I am assured that the price I have in writing is now the final price paid)'s more to check it's not accident damaged, two cars glued together or hiding something really bad. They've clearly been burnt before but I guess I find out tomorrow when the money should be in my account
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