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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
Andrew, how is it going with negotiating on the E350 coupe? I love these, nice inside and decent road presence. I assume its a sport model you are after. Interested to hear if you get one for your target monthly. I see DtD are offering just under 7K off a new one and isnt there cheap rate finance on a PCP?

Personal Contract Hire is not bad either, at just a smidge over 400/month
Well, I succeeded today I'm now getting two Mercs

I got the quote from Broadspeed nearly matched by MB Milton Keynes but they couldn't get a car in the spec I wanted (they're no longer building the pre-facelift versions and the facelift won't have the 3.9k MB support on it).

I popped into my local MB dealer (right opposite where I work) today to see if they could get a car in roughly the spec I wanted and bam!....they had almost the perfect one sitting in their network

They matched (in fact, slightly beat!) Broadspeed with no more encouragement than me saying that I'd buy their car if they matched the Broadspeed price and honoured the low rate 4.9% APR (you see can be very simple as long as you're obviously serious and prepared to do the deal there and then as, in my experience, dealers love a quick sale!

So, brand new E350CDi Sport arrives next week with the following spec:

Diamond (Metallic) White
Flamenco Red (real) Leather
Comand + Media Interface
Memory Pack (I got my electric seats )
Harmon Kardon (really chuffed about this)

The only think missing IMO is 19"'s practically running castors on the standard 18's. An easily rectified problem though

List price was 47.5k.....Palmball price was 38.5k I essentially got the 3.9k MB deposit contribution plus an extra 5.1k off the car which is frankly blinding if you ask me.

Yeah I know, it's now an old model and if you're a strange German like Marcel you'll think it's just an old taxi, but I've got this car with no deposit for 551 per month! I haven't quite saved the 200/month I wanted to on what I pay on the Range Rover but I did manage a 170/month saving.

As for the RRS, well I always said I would categorically not pay to get rid of it. I haven't quite managed this but I did manage to get 37.5k for it from my old neighbour who is a car trader....thats around 1.2k over 'trade' value and just 500 short of my target. I'll take that given the deal on the E-class. Given I paid 40.5k for it back in July, this car ended up costing me exactly 4k in six months, equating to 667 a month plus a bit of interest. Again, I'll take that - one of the better short-term buy's I've had.

Finally, just to add to the perception of my craziness, my ultimate desire is to get the new Range Rover Sport when it comes out early next year so I think I'll whack a 500 deposit on one over the next couple of weeks - with all the money I've saved buying a supercar and a brand new Merc, I should be able to afford one at the turn of the year The backorders for the new RRS are already piling up and with a current 10 month wait for the new 'proper' RR, I reckon a sneaky deposit on the new Sport isn't a bad shout! Probably not so crazy huh?
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