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Originally Posted by drjekl View Post
Everyone who drives my car loves the meaty m3 tiller it feels extremely good to drive with and enhances the steering feel driving experience somewhat imo.

How did you go with the ssk install? That's one mod I'm yet to do and I have only baulked as I have heard that it makes shifting more difficult and tbh I would prefer a shift that is easier and more precise considering my car spends 99% of the time toodling about.

You dont happen to want a set of brand new in the box bmw MT pedals by any chance do you for $100?
I'll be installing the s'wheel first chance I get - looking forward to that for the reasons you mentioned.

The UUC SSK is the ultimate in my opinion. There are a few out there but this one is considered cream. I only went that way as I had UUC ones on my previous two BMs. This one is just as good. There is barely any more effort required but it is so much more precise and just snicks into place very accurately - not notchy at all. It is real quality - just look at what comes in the kit in my photo. The BMW Performance one was second option but an unknown to me. Based on personal experience, stay away from the cheap stuff as it will ruin the feel of your car and will be nothing but frustration. Just going for the shorter stubby gear knob and nothing else also improves the feel quite a bit - and is cheaper too!

Thanks for pedal offer - I have another full set of 4 in mind

Originally Posted by skycat View Post
Welcome to the house of horrors, This is a really good forum to learn about your car.
I always wanted a manual but couldn't find one in good nick
if i can help in any way just give me a ring.
This place is what inspired me so far! Thanks and truly appreciate the offer of assistance. I already know you really know your stuff