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Originally Posted by Icyjaws View Post
So just got back from my first time in my e90 335i ( and my first autox in over ten yrs last time was my 92mr2-t very diff car) sooo I did poorly alteast in my mind. I'm you "average" enthusiast but still should have done better I think atleast so alittle run down on what happened at the sjscca in AC
they ran me in asp because I have a jb4.
very slow first run to learn course/car got better every run from there . never got as "fast" as I thought I should do ~70s fastest was 74.xx so besides driver being better (which I know can happen) and not being used to driving a pig compared to what im used to.
do you guys run with the dtc on? figured it be faster and let me slide around alittle but didn't run with it on was working on other things.
secondly I have the slap stick auto I know I put it in 2nd like 15 sec into run but noticed my last 2 run I was in 3rd at line? I assume I must have hit it into 3rd but that doesn't seem possible so perplexed about it.
any ideas beside better tires and "learn to drive" would be helpful
hopefully only running bimmer 1 or 2 more events before mr2 is ready
Auto-x is literally all driver lol There are base model Toyota Camry's out there that run good times. Shit, there was a station wagon that threw down faster times than my 135i at the event I went to yesterday.

I run with traction control all the way off (hold it down for 5 seconds). The car will plow if you leave it on. A high hp RWD car needs to be able to throttle steer and DSC prevents you from doing that. Be careful though as you can easily power over-steer and spin the car. Start slow and build speed until you're comfortable.