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Originally Posted by westwest888 View Post
I have SR pipes but with the Remus muffler. I installed them a few months apart. Upon adding the SR pipes, I noticed a power difference (mainly) and only a slight sound difference. The added sound is most notable around 2000 rpm where there's now a nice deep, subtle audible tone at cruise. The only downside is occasionally when you lift off the throttle at low speeds with the windows down, you'll hear a little gurgle as if the car was running a little rich or maybe the computer blipped the throttle. In fairness, the 2008 Audi TT makes this sound stock. YMMV.
wow, i would've thought that the sr pipes would make the car noticeably louder... guess i was wrong!! Thanks for that update... as for the car running rich, that's probably b/c the straight pipes and basically no cats allow the unburnt gas to burn up later down the pipe? that's my idea...

for 800+ dollars for the sr pipes, your input is making me go towards the intake only... i can't expect too much power from a 325i, so i'm just going for the sound... i'm pretty happy now, but i want it to be a little louder...

and i agree completely that the most noticeable difference is in the 2k rev band...

that's my idea... i think the sport is probably just like stock, except it has a slightly deeper note...