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Originally Posted by vladberca View Post
The interior is from a cdi version.
The sport steering wheel looks good, but the "airbag" inscription is so bad positioned
I like more the M steering wheel
If we compare the top verions M Sport vs Avantagarde there is a clear winner: M Sport LCI
We can t compare a 328i vs 250 cdi (it s like comparing apples with oranges )
We can compare a 330d with a 250 cdi and we' ll have again a clear winner (the bimmer), same result when comparing a 320d with a 220cdi and so on
Although I feel the C-class looks like a cheap mercedes - small, dinky and not sporty; Every other car they have that is LARGE...E class onwards (S, CL, CLS, ML, GL, SL, SLS)....just looks plain GOOD because of that giant three point star.

Don't even argue this one; Mercedes (e class onwards due to size) gets respect because of that start, E class is downright ugly...but just ends up looking nice in person due to that giant star!!

And thats a good thing! Bimmer will never draw attention like a Mercedes.