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Originally Posted by RaceBlood View Post
Lecture? This is a internet forum, why are you lecturing us to not go to this dealer? You makes a post, you get replies.

So what does you serving in the military (your choice) have anything to do with your selfish baby rant about some bad attitude service folks in Kalamazoo? And what does my living in the Goldcoast have to do with this post, other than the fact I live across the block from one the busiest BMW dealers in the entire metro area, where we have I think 7 dealers...

You can think you are entitled to to have everyone kiss your ass at BMW, but the reality is, get over it. Telling other people not go this dealer based on your whining story is absurd. Its not like the overcharged you, ruined your car, took a week to fix it and then it failed again.

As above said, you should order most your parts and items such as this from online where its cheaper and easier.

You expect to get respect on a internet forum? Thats a good one...

And unless you have worked in the NGO's that are needed in the aftermath of failed USA Military policy, like I have in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma, Nicaragua and Guatemela, where the US left many countries in shambles, inflicted decades of poverty, funded the bad guys in covert wars, or just bombed the hell out of them without declaring war, like Laos, where unexploded ordinace still kills children daily in the farm fields and amptutees beg in the streets, dont lecture me on your Military service to the country, as there is no pride as an American when it comes to the brutal suffering the US Military has caused around the world. I love this country as much as anyone, my nephew is a Navy Seal, my father was in the Pacific theatre, and the USS Missouri, but you are drinking too much cool aid and watching too much CNN/Fox to think the US and its military is something that has not caused more harm than than good, and supported more bad guys, bad regimes and bad policy, that left ugly scars on millions of people around the world.

Thats life in America dude, stop complaining about your first world problems. Bad service when buying leather conditioner for your BMW...pity on you.