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Originally Posted by JT_Munkey View Post
Ah. Well, in that case I can't really give you any suggestions on spots but if you find yourself heading towards my neck of the woods (San Jose), let me know and I'll give you some suggestions. There's the San Mateo bridge that's perfect if you wanna hit speed limit but my suggestion is to go late at night when there is virtually no cars. In San Jose, there's several mountain roads that you can smash on such as Sierra/Calaveras, and Mount Hamilton. Also, there's Page Mill and Highway 9.*

* I'm not advocating reckless driving so please visit these roads under your own discretion!
Yeah I'm to lazy to drive that far tonight since I'm taking my car to the shop tomorrow in the morning. But thanks for the suggestions.

Originally Posted by Grant@JGMODS View Post
Well we could do some late night shenanigans in empty parking lots...loljk. But closest, but shortest drive for us would be Sharp Park. However the best would be the one I mentioned earlier about heading down 280S until you hit the exit for Rt 35. I'd be down to go there right now but I have pick up my gf from work.
Haha, I don't want to end up like that one Evo in Tanforan who got stuck on one of those small man made islands in the middle of the parking lot.

To bad, no one wants to have fun on my days off

Originally Posted by newtobimmer23 View Post
Bar hopping? Marina is usually pretty chill weeknights.
Don't feel like bar hopping alone lol, I sound like a damn loner from saying that.