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Originally Posted by MteK View Post
10 to 15 days a year is actually pretty intensive.
One 2-day event every month, April to Oct gets you to 14 days. That's my goal so far, throw in a bonus 3-day event and a couple of single day events and I'm happy.

Good info in this thread, I'm glad to see I'm not imagining things. The E46 guys at the track kept asking me why I was pitting in early...

I've gone back and watched my videos since April, the only overheating problems (~300F oil temps) I've had were in 85F+ ambient situations, specifically July & August in the Northeast. That's 2-3 events tops for me. Since I'm in this for fun I'll cut my losses and go for the 2nd oil cooler, probably AR design, and stop there, probably register for more DEs in June/Sep instead of July/Aug. Sure the 335i is far from ideal for a track setup but it's still one heck of a fun car to toss around.