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Originally Posted by MteK View Post
Some of us drive for fun and not to try and become the next Fittipaldi. My car gets me to the track and back then takes me to work the next day.

If you're that HARDDCORE maybe a dedicated track car is in order. Something you can afford to ball up v. a $45K luxury coupe when you're pushing the envelope trying to shave that 1/10th second of your last lap.
It's not about hardcore. It's not about having a car that you can afford to wad up. It's about improving one's self on the track. If you can't do consistent laps at speed you can't improve. It's about as simple as that.

I'm not saying the 335i is a horrible car. It's just a horrible car to use as a learning tool for the track because it does not allow you to consistently push. And by "push" I don't mean exceeding your abilities. I mean push as in extending your own capabilities as a driver. The problem is, if the car goes limp whenever you're about to add more speed and consistency, then the whole learning process flattens out...And I don't know about you, but my feeling is, if you're not constantly trying to improve yourself and your driving, then this sport isn't for you. Because unlike some other professions and activities where one can be limited by their physical skills, MOST of driving fast is mental...And there really is no limit to the learning here.

Having said that. IF the 335i is my daily drive, I WOULD go and pick up a different car for track use, unless I've got the goods to put in enough money to cure all of the ills. Problem is, I believe to cure all the heat related ills on the 335i you would have spent enough money to pick up a well prepared wreck-me-otter. Unfortunately, being of a somewhat "rueben-esque" figure means a wreck-me-otter won't work.

So I ended up with a WRX for daily and an MZ4 Coupe for track instead.

p.s.: I don't mean to direct any of this at JBass. I applaud anyone using their daily drive on the track to improve their skills. And I applaud his effort to improve the reliability of the car in effort to have more fun while learning. I am just pointing out that the 335i does have some serious inherent problems that will require a lot more time and effort to correct than most BMWs do. That is all.