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making his own parts.

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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Yes, you are amplifying sucky speakers, and your factory woofers will blow pretty soon. They can't handle the power. In fact, that amp is putting 100W into every channel, so I figure any speaker might blow soon.

But you don't have the ability to really tune your system. You have a crossover and a gain adjustment. You don't have any more EQ than you had before. You don't have L and R output levels.

I'm afraid this experience is why I don't recommend that people amplify HiFi speakers.
do you recommend putting in an EQS then? I wanted to stay away from adding extra components/wieght to the car.

Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to see about blown speakers. (I made sure to set the gain way below the maximum voltage output specified for 2 ohm subs).

don't get me wrong, the car sounds better than stock, just probably not mind blowing as I'm sure it would if I threw in some Morels and sws's. (which is ok for me because i don't want to hurt my ears )

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