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Originally Posted by allmotorh22 View Post
do you recommend putting in an EQS then?
No, not at all - I just disagree with your characterization of the system now being tunable to your preferences.

One, you really don't have much in the way of tunability, and two, fidelity is "truth", not "sensation", so you really want to tune for accuracy rather than pleasingness.

Even with all the potential of things like the MS-8 DSP section, it is still easier to buy speakers with a given electromechanical set of tendencies, than it is to make a system sound like it has good speakers when it has crappy speakers.

The same has been true of active suspension. That tech was supposed to make suspension design irrelevant - but we're not there yet, are we?

I doubt good speakers weigh THAT much more than crappy speakers.
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