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Originally Posted by weejp View Post
I have suffered the same issue as the OP apart from the fact that I replaced the sensors with new ones.

I have tried every suggested reset to no avail.

I have tried the chopped sensor suggestion to no avail.

My concern is that if I get new sensors will it actually solve anything?

So frustrating that I have not 'cut any corners' yet I have the constant (!) most annoying.
make sure you twisted the wires together after chopping them to create a low resistance loop.

The car checks the specs of the "new" sensor to the old one before it resets itself, so the car knows if you are using an old sensor. Once you chop a sensor up and loop the wires together, it should not have any issue with resetting.

After it is reset you can plug your old sensor back in with no issues just as long as it did not eat into the plastic part.
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