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Originally Posted by jrusl12 View Post
I haven't heard much for exhausts in person, so can't offer comparisons, but I really like my Autobahn Exotics Catless exhaust. It's fairly quiet and noninvasive when you're cruising and not driving the car hard, but gets loud and throaty once you get aggressive with the gas. I love it even more after putting AR downpipes on the car recently. It's a little pricey (I think $1800 MSRP), but you can occasionally find good used deals on the forums. I picked mine up off a local forum member for $1k about a year and a half ago.
Thanks man. I'll keep my eye out for that too.

The BMW Perf. unit sure has a lot of fans...we'll see what she ends up with.

Just picked the car up from the dealer after getting tint, detailed, and front plate removed. I've always liked these cars on the road, but never paid terribly close attention to them. They're really beautiful. glad she got one.